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The Sanitation Station Story

Sanitation Station was conceived by Ozlocal. What started out as a way to keep a business-as-usual approach during an unpredictable health crisis, quickly transformed into a practical way to help our clients and the wider community to improve hand hygiene. Our 100% touch-free, Hand Sanitiser Dispensers are designed and manufactured in Australia.

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Why Are Our Hand Sanitiser Dispensers Effective?

We only use hand sanitizer products that comply with the highest healthcare and medical standards in Australia. Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are equipped with effective hand sanitising solution that is at least 70% ethanol alcohol and ensures all users leave with completely disinfected hands while maintaining soft and smooth skin, even after multiple uses.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Make your customers, staff and patrons feel protected whilst in your venue or business.
  • Our hand sanitiser dispensers are movable so you can place them in a location convenient for your guests
  • Washing your hands with soap & water is the gold standard, but our sanitation stations provide the same level of protection without the need for power or plumbing
  • Our powerful alcohol based hand sanitiser is highly effective at killing germs on hands.

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